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Stock Selection & Portfolio Construction

Quality companies & diversified portfolio supported by Pella's Segmentation Strategy

Stock Criteria

Attributes Pella seeks from the companies it invests in
Cash Generative
Icon - cash generation - creme.png

Target companies that are highly cash generative

Fortress Balance Sheet
Icon - fortress - creme.png

Solid balance sheets with minimal debt

Consistently Growing
Icon - growing - creme.png

Focus on companies that sustainably and consistently grow

Superior Management
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Proven long-term thinkers and consider all stakeholders

Attractive Valuation
Icon - valuation - creme.png

Determined by measuring cash generation to price

Sustainable Practices
Icon - sustainability - creme.png

Superior ESG characteristics and do not cause unnecessary harm

Portfolio Exposures

Exposures across geographies, industries and company sizes
Multiple Geographies
Icon - geographies - creme.png

Investing in both developed and emerging markets

Diverse Industries
Icon - industry - creme.png

Solid business models across several industries 

Various Sizes
Icon - sizes - creme.png

Invests in relatively smaller companies to behemoths

Anchor - Portfolio Construction

Segmentation Strategy

Captures the maximum growth in a prudent, risk-aware manner
Icon - cyclical - creme.png

Solid businesses in cyclical industries poised for an upturn

Icon - core - creme.png

Market leaders generating consistent & growing cash flow

Icon - innovation - creme.png

Fast growing & often disruptive businesses



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