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Pella is differentiated by its targets, process & structure   
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Pella aims to beat the Market on all of the following measures:

Returns - aim to deliver greater returns than the Market

Volatility - targets lower volatility of returns than the Market

Sustainability -  superior Environmental, Social & Governance ('ESG') to the Market

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Pella's proprietary process involves 12 inputs divided into four stages. It is highly repeatable and has been successfully applied across several funds and market conditions since 2004.

Pella's Segmentation Strategy sits at the centre of the process. This strategy helps ensure Pella's funds offer broad exposures while simultaneously providing a risk budget.

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Pella is structured to be fully aligned with our targets and stakeholders. All Pella employees are shareholders in the company and our policy is for employees to have all their global equities exposure in Pella's funds. Our goal is to ensure we do well only when our clients do well.

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