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Risk Management

Clear & measurable risk requirements throughout our investment process

Stock Requirements

Exclude all companies with excess debt

Minimal Leverage

Avoid investments that have binary outcomes

Avoid Binary Bets

Target companies with solid ESG credentials

Seek strong ESG

Avoid companies that are trying to fix a bad situation

Avoid Turnarounds

Trade the stock without impacting the share price

Seek Liquidity

Avoid companies facing secular headwinds

Avoid Headwinds

Limits on position weight based on stocks' risks

Position Size

Reduce exposure to riskier & losing positions

Stop Losses

Portfolio Requirements

Ensure not over exposed to any single country

Country Limits

Ensure not over exposed to any one region

Regional Limits

Ensure fund performance not driven by one sector

Sector Limits

Portfolio ESG rating must be superior to the Market

ESG Criteria

Allow up to 20% of fund in cash

Cash Limits

Adjust portfolio when severe macro risks arise

Active Management

Portfolio is liquid to enable active management

Fund Liquidiy

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