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Monthly Sustainability Report

Jan 2024

Thumbnail - ESG - 202401.png

Oct 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202310.png

Jul 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202307.png

Nov 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202311.png

Aug 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202308.png

Dec 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202312.png

Sep 2023

Thumbnail - ESG - 202309.png

In August 2023 Pella Funds Management commenced preparing a monthly sustainability report for the Pella Global Generations Fund. The report summarises the Fund’s key sustainability factors including ESG ratings, carbon intensity, ESG metrics, and exposure to positive impact themes, as defined by Pella. These measures provide all stakeholders with regular access to the sustainability characteristics of the Fund and track its progress.

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