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The sharemarket offers several attractive opportunities to investors with a long-term focus and shorter-term agility 
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We consider long-term structural trends while simultaneously assessing and responding to short term market fluctuations to best capture all market opportunities. We seek market beating returns but not at the cost of risking permanent loss of capital or damaging the planet or society. Equally pursuing growth opportunities, strict valuation and research discipline and adhering to an ethical and responsible code to investing are the cornerstones of our investment success. 

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Pella seeks to create diversified portfolios of cash generative businesses that are growing, reasonably valued, well managed, with strong balance sheets and satisfy Pella's sustainability requirements.

To create such a portfolio, Pella seeks to invest across geographies, industries, economic exposures, and market cap ranges.

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Pella's investment process is composed of 12 inputs, which are divided into four stages, Idea Generation, Due Diligence, Exposure, and Audit ('IDEA'). 

An integral element of this process is Pella's Segmentation Strategy which divides all companies in the portfolio into either Core, Cyclical or Innovation. 

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