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Risk Profile

Target Market Designation Risk Profile

This Fund is appropriate for investors with “High” risk and return profiles. A suitable investor for this Fund is prepared to accept high risk in the pursuit of capital growth with a medium to long investment timeframe. Investors should refer to the Target Market Determination (TMD) for further information.

Significant Risks of the Fund

The Fund’s typical portfolio holdings of 30 to 50 stocks represent some investment concentration. The lower the number of stocks, the higher the concentration and, in turn, the higher the potential volatility.

The Fund will invest in companies listed on overseas exchanges, which may give rise to foreign currency exposure. The relative strength or weakness of the Australian dollar against other currencies will affect the Fund’s performance and the Fund may have less protection under laws outside of Australia, and any investments in emerging markets may be more volatile than investments in more developed countries. The Investment Manager may, on occasions, hedge currency risk back to AUD. The Fund may also invest part of the portfolio in emerging markets which tend to be smaller and more volatile than the major securities markets in more developed countries. This is often a reflection of a less developed country’s greater political instability or uncertainty, exchange rate uncertainty, lower market transparency or uncertain economic growth. Clearance and settlement procedures in an emerging country’s securities market may be less developed, which could lead to delays in settling trades and registering transfers of securities. Further, the laws in emerging markets may not provide equivalent protection to that of Australian laws, which may mean that the Fund is unable to recover the full or part value of an investment in an emerging market.

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