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Pella aims to beat the Benchmark across all factors: higher returns, lower volatility, and superior sustainability
Image by Gilles Lambert

Beat the Market

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Superior Returns

Portfolio Requirements

Pella aims to construct a portfolio that offers the best relationship between quality, growth, and value in the belief that such a portfolio should outperform the Benchmark over the medium-to-long term.

Stock Requirements

To create the target portfolio, Pella seeks companies that are high quality, sustainably growing, well-managed, and have attractive valuations.

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Lower Volatility

Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio is designed to have several uncorrelated geographic, sector and economic exposures to ensure it is not vulnerable to any one risk. 

Stock Requirements

Pella avoids companies that are susceptible to wild swings, including those with excess debt, poor sustainability or governance practices, or have a questionable outlook.​

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Superior Sustainability

Portfolio Requirements

Pella targets creating portfolios with superior Environmental, Social & Governance ('ESG') scores to the Benchmark, lower carbon intensity than the Benchmark, and have greater positive-impact exposures than the Benchmark.

Stock Requirements

We exclude companies with unacceptable ESG characteristics or are involved in activities that unnecessarily harm the world.

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