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Pella is a service-oriented business that welcomes high performing and purpose-driven people. We regard our people and our culture as our most important assets, which is why we invest heavily in selecting the right team and keeping them.

We promote an environment of diversity and inclusion and we welcome people from all backgrounds, skills sets and perspectives.

We invite applications even when we are not actively looking to hire as we find that forming a team is similar to investing. It pays to be alert, active and have an open mind.

Investment Analyst

All Investment Analyst's at Pella are generalists, which means we expect you to be able to apply a consistent set of investment parameters across several industries. In this role you will need to be able to identify key investment & ESG issues and effectively communicate them to the team. We highly value people who think logically, creatively and are prepared to form investment views. Diverse backgrounds are welcomed.

ESG Analyst

ESG Analysts are expected to have deep understandings of key ESG issues and the ESG landscape. A passion for sustainability-related matters and a background in environmental or social studies would be highly regarded. The Analyst should also have an understanding of investing as they would work closely with Investment Analysts and the CIO.

Distribution & Client Service

Pella welcomes professionals that appreciate the importance of clients. People working in this team need to be highly team-oriented, demonstrate initiative and have strong interpersonal skills. 


Pella prioritizes operations as key function and we seek high performing professionals. We value a boutique culture with broad responsibilities, which provides people in our Operations the opportunity to work across functions in a dynamic environment. 


Pella offers either summer or full year internships to university students studying several courses. We are seeking students with a passion for Responsible Investing and the ability to commit to a consistent program.  In this role you will have the opportunity to work on real projects alongside the rest of the Pella team.

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Let's Work Together

If a career or internship at Pella Funds Management interests you, please upload a brief cover letter with your contact details and area of interests, along with you resume

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