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In the 'Relative Return' podcast episode "Changing Perceptions on Responsible Investing," Laura Dew interviews Jordan Cvetanovski, chairman and CIO of Pella Funds Management. Key discussion points include:

  1. Setting Up an Asset Manager: Jordan shares insights on establishing Pella Funds Management.

  2. Pella Global Generations Fund: He details the fund's philosophy and investment approach.

  3. Commitment to ESG: The importance of genuinely implementing ESG principles at Pella.

  4. Top-Performing Holdings: Insights into successful investments like Nvidia and Novo Nordisk.

  5. Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Practical tips for starting a business based on his experiences.


The CNBC article highlights Jordan Cvetanovski, chairman of Pella Funds Management, discussing his consistent investment strategy since 2006, focusing on cheaper, faster-growing, and higher-quality stocks. His disciplined approach avoids crowded stocks and values businesses based on free cash flow yield. His funds have consistently outperformed benchmarks, with notable success at Pella Global Generations Fund and Pengana International Equities Fund.

Cvetanovski also emphasizes ethical investing, steering clear of harmful industries like weapons, tobacco, and fast fashion. He advocates for incorporating ESG principles in investment strategies for long-term sustainability.​


In this CNBC interview, Steven Glass, discussed the demise of Credit Suisse, describing it as a significant issue but not a full-blown banking crisis. He explained that Credit Suisse's problems are idiosyncratic, stemming from the loss of its core business model after 9/11, which was built on secrecy and low funding costs due to "stuck money." Post-9/11, the bank took on more risks to maintain profits and high salaries, leading to a series of disasters, which eroded trust among its high-net-worth clients. While this situation coincides with issues at other banks like SVB and Signature Bank, Steven believes these are more about flawed business models rather than an overall banking crisis.

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The video features an interview with Jordan Cvetanovski on the Investment Bible Finance Podcast. Jordan discussed his career, starting as an equities analyst at Bankers Trust in Sydney, moving to Europe to work in the Netherlands and France, and eventually returning to Australia to launch his own sustainable and ethical global fund, Pella Funds Management. Key points include his background as an engineer designing underwater robots, his decision to leave his previous company for a better environment for his children, and Pella's focus on sustainability and ESG principles in investments.


This ‘The Inside Network’ article discuses the founding of Pella Funds Management and Pella’s strategy. The Company focuses on sustainable investing, emphasizing flexibility and targeting companies with strong balance sheets. Pella offers competitive fees and aligns the company’s values with its investments. The firm is staff-owned, and all employees must invest in the fund, ensuring alignment with client interests.

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